1 Gram GOLD Maple Leaf - Maplegram 25™ (In Assay)

1 Gram GOLD Maple Leaf - Maplegram 25™ (In Assay)

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The gold MapleGram25 coins portfolio is perhaps the best way to buy fractional-sized and barter-ready gold coins based on a combination of low cost, small denomination and the trust and recognition of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

  • Buying 1 Gram Gold Coins
  • 99.99% GOLD
  • Delivery in Assay

Each gold coin is self contained in a perforated section within the larger sheet, allowing the coins to be separated as necessary. Every gold coin carries its own serial number and assay information to assure authenticity. The design of these gold coins are familiar and beloved by bullion investors around the world. Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the obverse, and the iconic Canadian Maple gold coin adorns the reverse.

*Here we will focus on 1-gram gold coins. The smaller denomination, and more affordably priced gold coins grow increasingly popular over time as gold prices rise. We will explain what they are, offer more information about these coins, and spotlight one of the most sought-after coins, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins.


“N/A ” 
Country Canada
Denomination $0.50 CDN
Year 2020
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Material Gold  9999/1000
Weight (g)  one-gram bars 
Diameter 8 mm (.315")
Mintage pcs  
Certificate (COA) YES (In Assay)
Presentation case (box) In Capsule

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