1 oz. Silver BitCoin Bullion Coin Gold Gilded

1 oz. Silver BitCoin Bullion Coin Gold Gilded

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1 oz. Silver BitCoin  Bullion Coin Gold Gilded

ONLY 200 OF THESE EVER MADE! Gold  Gilded Edition!

Bitcoins has been a game changing revelation that has taken on more and  more popularity over the years. With the original bitcoin price. Digital  currencies seem to be favored for there low transaction costs, there ease of  use, their decentralization and their ownership privacy.

With Bitcoin skyrocketing to unforeseen levels over the past few years.  Regardless if Bit Coins are the presented future of Crypto currency or not,  Bit Coin is sure to go down in history as revolutionary currency that changed  the world. The Gold Gilded Bit Coin is pure silver with covered with 24K Gold  on the B in the middle. These coins are no longer being produced. Only a  small number of these were ever made. 

This is your chance to own a piece of history

Note: This Bit Coin is not loaded. Gold gilding was done by respectable  third party company

Year                    2013

Metal                 Silver 999/1000

Weight (g)           1 oz.  (31.39)

Mintage (pcs)      200