10 Y 1 oz. Silver Hologram Panda China 2014

10 Y 1 oz. Silver Hologram Panda China 2014

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This is  amazingly designed with holographic effect  coin of popular Panda Silver Coin 2014.

This year’s design features a panda sitting with a branch, and a stylized bamboo forest is in the background. The reverse pictures the Temple of Heaven in the Forbidden City (Beijing), as has been depicted since the very first Panda coins. The 10 Yuan silver coin is proof like brilliant uncirculated, with a precious metal content of 1 troy oz. of .999 fine silver, diameter of 40mm, and maximum mintage of 8 million.  While this mintage may at first seem high, it pales by comparison to American Silver Eagles, which have mintages ranging from 35-41 million in the past few years; and one must also take into consideration the pool of potential buyers—with population of 1.3 billion in China vs. 317 million in the United States. But just as the mintages of the early silver Pandas have been dwarfed by recent issues, years from now, the mintages of the 2014 silver Pandas will likely appear to be small. These coins are very limited and they were enhanced by an experienced third party company.   


  • Country              China
  • Year                    2014
  • Face value         10 Yuan
  • Metal                   Silver 999/1000
  • Weight (g)       1 oz.
  • Size (mm)        40 mm
  • Quality               Proof
  • Mintage (pcs)    Limited
  • Special Features   Color