CRUSADE 1 Godfrey of Bouillon Silver Coin 5$ Cook Islands 2009

1st. CRUSADE Godfrey of Bouillon Silver Coin 5$ Cook Islands 2009

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This coin is part of series History of the Crusades

 Highly detailed coins with common obverse on all coin 
Subscription schema 
Antique finish which makes the coin very interesting to see 

Godfrey of Bouillon (18 September 1060 – 18 July 1100) was a medieval Frankish knight who was one of the leaders of theFirst Crusade from 1096 until his death. He was the Lord of Bouillon, from which he took his byname, from 1076 and theDuke of Lower Lorraine from 1087. After the successful siege of Jerusalem in 1099, Godfrey became the first ruler of theKingdom of Jerusalem, although he refused the title "King"; as he believed that the true King of Jerusalem was Christ; preferring the title of "Advocate of the Holy Sepulchre".

The Crusades were a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns waged by much of Latin Christian Europe, particularly the Franks of France and the Holy Roman Empire during the 11th to 15th century. Each coin depicting a unique scene from that crusade and the most important commander/leader in that crusade. All finished in Antique making this series a unique piece of history


  • Country:               Cook Islands
  • Face value:          5 Dollar
  • Year:                   2009
  • Metal:                  Silver .925
  • Weight:                25 gram
  • Size:                   38.61 mm
  • Quality:                Antique finish
  • Mintage:               1000 pcs
  • Certificate COA:    Yes