Christmas 3D Star Gloria Excelsis Deo Silver $5 Coin Cook Is. 2013

3D ANGEL Christmas Star Gloria Excelsis Deo Silver $5 Coin Cook Is. 2013

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This .999 silver coin depicts an angel with wings in 3D technique, used for the first time this way!

For centuries mankind has had a clear idea of the appearance of angels. In many paintings these heavenly creatures are depicted as cute children with curly hair and small wings or as grown up angels in long robes and with large wings.

Translated from ancient Greek, “angel“ means messenger or emissary. According to different religions these spiritual beings were created by God to assist him. 

Angels symbolize the connection between God and man and between Heaven and Earth. There are angels of destiny to which group the personal guardian angels belong. Others are messengers who serve Jesus or the Holy Spirit and others again are angels of nature.

  • Country          Cook Islands
  • Year              2013
  • Face Value   5 Dollars
  • Metal           Silver
  • Fineness       .925
  • Weight           15 g
  • Diameter        43.5 mm
  • Mintage          2013
  • Quality           Proof
  • Certificate COA        Yes
  • Presentation Case   No