AQUARIUS Zodiac $3 Silver Proof two Swarovski Crystals 2017 Canada

AQUARIUS Zodiac $3 Silver Proof two Swarovski Crystals 2017 Canada

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 The zodiac has a long, rich history that dates back to Hellenic and Babylonian civilizations, when astrology and astronomy were virtually inseparable. Today, its 12 signs entertain, intrigue, or inspire millions of people worldwide, who find hope or guidance in the cyclical alignment of the stars and planets! The stars align in the 2017 Zodiac series, which features sparkling Swarovski® crystal embellishments within a color-over-engraved rendition of the zodiac 

TWO SWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL EMBELLISHMENTS! Each of your coins features two Swarovski® crystal embellishments! The clear embellishment aligns with a zodiac symbol while the larger embellishment at the centre represents the sign's color according to the zodiac color wheel.

Like the stars and planets in the sky, a clear Swarovski crystal embellishment is in alignment with the traditional glyph of two waves, which is the zodiac symbol for Aquarius (January 21–February 19). At the centre is a larger Swarovski crystal embellishment; its violet color also represents those b