ASTERIX & OBELIX "Peace"- 50€ silver coin France 2015

ASTERIX & OBELIX "Peace"- 50 EURO silver coin France 2015

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Romans are Crazy  -  Astérix  "PEACE"- 50€ silver coin

One of our favourite series of books of all time, the massively popular Asterix graphic novels from Goscinny & Uderzo have been running sice 1959. On October 24th, the first new book in eight years hits the market, Asterix & the Picts.

Description of 50€ silver coin "Peace"
This coin presents the scene of the final banquet. It takes place on the bad adventure of Cleopatra and Caesar is invited to it. The peace between the Gauls and Romain is illustrated, as well as the peace between Caesar and Cleopatra. This drawing arises from the album The son of Astérix.

Astérix and French Values of the Republic
Symbols of France and French people, Astérix and Obélix embody with simplicity, humor and pride the republican Astérix and Obélix values put their ingenuity and their energy to fight any shape of oppression. The Gauls forbid the Freedom, the central theme of the drawn strip. The Equality is always present in albums, both within the village and between men and women. In the course of the adventures, the Gauls meet various peoples of Europe as the Helvetians, the Normans and the Hispanic. These episodes express the Brotherhood. The Peace is a fragile and precious value, realized by the olive branch and the banquet

The series " Values of the Republic "
The collection of Euros Values of the Republic is proposed in a casket, to collect over 3 years. On the slice of caskets, the building of Monnaie de Paris will be reconstituted as one goes along. The series started in 2013, it embodies the values stemming from our history which are today universal. 2015 stands out last year, with Astérix and the Values of the Republic illustrated by Uderzo and Goscinny.

Based around a small village in Gaul during the Roman occupation, this terrific series of graphic novels tells the story of the adventures of the Gallic warrior Asterix and his big dumb pal, Obelix. The adventures draw from a rich population of characters, taken from both the Gallic and Roman sides, are beautifully drawn and very funny. The new book is almost certainly going to be a massive hit.

The Monnaie De Paris is commemorating the event with the release of  commemorative coins

  •       Country                  France
  •       Year                       2015
  •       Face value              50€ 
  •       Metal                      Silver 900/1000
  •       Finish                     Proof
  •      Weight                     41 g
  •      Diameter                  41 mm