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BABYLON Lost Civilizations 2 oz Silver High Relief Coin $10 Palau 2021

US $379.12
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Product Description

This breathtaking coin is  first issue in the "Lost Civilization" series is Babylon. Using the reloaded Smartminting making the impossible possible this coin brings back civilizations to life. Obverse with detailed skyline of Babylon with its unique blue tiled painted walls and reverse with a Babylonian horsemen

  • Each coin contains 2 oz of .999 pure silver 
  • Two-sided motive; special coat of arms. Ultra high relief with smallest fine details because of Smartminting.
  • Special coat of arms
  • Limited mintage of 555 pieces worldwide

Babylon was the capital city of Babylonia, a kingdom in ancient Mesopotamia, between the 18th and 6th centuries BC. It was built along both banks of the Euphrates river, with steep embankments to contain the river's seasonal floods. The town became part of a small independent city-state with the rise of the First Babylonian dynasty in the 19th century BC. The Amorite king Hammurabi created a short-lived empire in the 18th century BC. He built Babylon into a major city and declared himself its king. Southern Mesopotamia became known as Babylonia and Babylon eclipsed Nippur as its holy city. The empire waned under Hammurabi's son Samsu-iluna and Babylon spent long periods under Assyrian, Kassite and Elamite domination. After being destroyed and then rebuilt by the Assyrians, Babylon became the capital of the short-lived Neo-Babylonian Empire from 609 to 539 BC. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. After the fall of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, the city came under the rule of the Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian, Roman, and Sassanid empires.

“Lost Civilization"

Country Cook Islands
Denomination 10 Dollars
Year 2021
Quality Antique
Material Silver  999/1000  
Weight (g) 2 oz (62.2 )
Diameter       45  mm 
Mintage pcs 555
Certificate (COA) Yes 
Presentation case (box) Yes
Special Features numbered certificate

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