CELEBRATION OF LOVE – $3 1/4 oz Fine Silver Coin Canada 2018

CELEBRATION OF LOVE – $3 1/4 oz Fine Silver Coin Canada 2018

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A loving parent. A forever friend. The one for whom your love will never end. They are the ones who know you best—those who connect with your inner soul, who inspire or nurture, or even send your heart racing! Dotted with three sparkling Swarovski® crystals, this selectively coloured coin is a sweeping ode to the love that surrounds each of us, and to the special person who holds the key to your heart.


A lavish celebration of the love that surrounds each of us! The ornate design catches the eye with its meticulous engraving, multiple finishes, selective colour and a sparkling touch. Glittering joy: Three clear-coloured Swarovski crystal elements add elegance and a timeless beauty to the reverse. The colour of love: The application of selective colour adds a beautifully rich, red hue to the two engraved roses.  An exquisite, affordable piece that means so much. Give the gift that says “You are in my heart” or “You hold the key to my heart”! It’s the perfect way to honour the bond between mother and child, close friends, or romantic partners. It also makes an unforgettable gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any “just because” moment! Keep it close to your heart: The 27 mm diameter allows your coin to fit in a bezel kit (sold separately) that transforms your collectible into jewellery.

Inspired in part by the “love lock” phenomenon seen in cities around the world, the reverse design by Canadian artist Anna Bucciarelli represents a stirring, artistic expression of love through an unbreakable bond—whether it’s between family, friends or romantic partners. Meticulously engraved, the acanthus-inspired pattern adds an ornate flourish to the heart-shaped padlock that centres the design. The key to unlocking this “heart” is positioned just behind it, and is adorned with three Swarovski® crystal elements that add an uplifting, joyful sparkle. Selective colour and multiple finishes bring elegance and depth to a near-universal floral symbol of love, the rose, with two ruby- red blooms positioned on either side of the lock and key.

Year of Issue
3 Dollars
Mintage (pcs)
Weight (g)
7.96 g
Diameter (mm)
27 mm
Certificate of Authenticity Yes 
Package type  Box
Special Features

Three clear-coloured Swarovski® crystal elements 

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