REVERSE GOLDEN ENIGMA COUGAR- 1 oz .9999 Silver $5 Coin 2016 Canada

COUGAR- REVERSE GOLDEN ENIGMA 1 oz .9999 Silver $5 Coin 2016

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Part of Coin Series -  REVERSE GOLDEN ENIGMA Edition

We are happy to offer you a brand new issue in the  REVERSE GOLDEN ENIGMA series. This is the first Golden Enigma issue with the Cougar as motive and with swapped finishing. The coin is still fully finished with black ruthenium, but now the background is instead of black, gilded and the motive is instead gilded, black. The coin is packed in a box with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. 

The RCM Predator Series is a four coin series that will feature some of North America’s most ferocious mammalian predators. The cougar (Puma concolor) is the 4th largest predatory cat in the world, approximately the same size as the African leopard, and ranges from North to South America. The cougar is a stealthy predator that employs keen senses, and a lay-in-wait strategy to ambush its prey. 


The reverse of this one ounce silver coin features a cougar mid leap, with its mouth agape. As added security measures the obverse and reverse feature micro-engraved radial lines, and the reverse features a micro-engraved privy mark of a maple leaf with “16” inscribed at its center. The reverse also carries the inscriptions “CANADA”, “9999”, and “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR”.

The obverse of the Canadian Silver Cougar features a profile of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in British History, and the inscriptions “ELIZABETH II”, “5 DOLLARS”, “D.G. REGINA”, and “2016”. 

 Enhancement was done by a private mint in Germany.


  •       Country                 Canada
  •       Year                      2016
  •       Face value             $ 5
  •       Metal                     Silver 9999/1000
  •       Weight (g)              1 oz.
  •       Size (mm)