DUOWENTIAN Four Heavenly Kings 2 Oz Silver High Relief Coin Niue 2020

DUOWENTIAN Vaisravana 2 Oz Silver High Relief Coin Niue 2020

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This beautiful coin is the first release in the “Four Heavenly Kings” series, in this edition Duowentian,the ruler of the rain and the chief of the four kings.

  • 2 oz of  pure silver
  • High Relief Antique Finish, Gilding
  • Low Mintage of 555 coins worldwide !
“Four Heavenly Kings"

The Four Heavenly Kings are four Buddhist gods, which originate from the Indian version of Lokapalas, each of whom is believed to watch over one cardinal direction of the world. In Chinese mythology, they are known collectively as the "Fēng Tiáo Yǔ Shùn"  or "Sì Dà Tiānwáng" (Chinese: 四大天王; literally: 'Four Great Heavenly Kings'). In the ancient language Sanskrit they are called the "Chaturmahārāja" (चतुर्महाराज), or "Chaturmahārājikādeva": "Four Great Heavenly Kings". The Hall of the Heavenly Kings is a standard component of Chinese Buddhist temples.

Get this coin which portraits  a rich mythology of Chinese Kings!

Country Niue
Denomination 5 dollars
Year 2020
Quality Antique Finish
Material Silver  999/1000
Weight (g) 2 oz (62.2)
Diameter 45 mm
Mintage pcs 555
Certificate (COA) Yes
Presentation case (box) Yes

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