Frozen GERMANIA Aurora Rhodium 5 Mark 1 Oz .9999 Silver Round

Frozen GERMANIA Aurora Rhodium 5 Mark 1 Oz .9999 Silver

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 Dazzling Coins introduces an extraordinary Collector's Edition “2019 Germania Frozen”. The coin is ennobled with a brand new coating, equally mysterious as the figure of Germania itself. The mintage of the coin is certified up to 500 pieces. Each coin has been numbered using a new method, in which the number is placed on the relief and not on the edge as usually. 

The Frozen Aurora Rhodium series, the most popular bullion coins of the world, have been appearing for several years. In 2018, Germania Mint boasts the unquestionable success, which gave to the collectors one-ounce bullion coin with personification of Germania. The interest around the world turned out to be huge, the price of the coin increased quickly, which is why it joined the group of coins from the Frozen series.


"Germania" is the Latin term for Germany, from which the name "Germany" is used in English language today. Due to the connection with patriotic feelings, this word was present mainly in German literature and poetry. In ancient times the area inhabited by Germans east of the Rhine and north of the Danube rivers was called Germania. At that time its first personifications on coins and reliefs appeared, depicting a brave woman - the guardian of the nation. 


The figure of Germania and all inscriptions remain in pure silver, while rest of the coin is covered with a new coating ”. That kind of innovative galvanic ennobling technique creates a noble and metallic character on the surface. The effect is exceptional to achieve on pure silver coins.

On the other side of the coin the “Space Blue” coating is also placed selectively, which results with blue metallic background and pure silver elements of the relief. The "Space Blue" ennobling creates a transparent surface, which allows to keep all of the details and the mirror surface undisturbed.
Denomination 5 Marks (no legal Tender)
Year 2019
Quality BU  Brilliant Uncirculated  RHODIUM
Material Silver  9999/1000 
Weight (g) 1 oz (31.1g) 
Diameter 38.61 mm
Mintage pcs 500