HOT AIR BALLOONS - 2017 $20 1 oz Fine Silver Coin

HOT AIR BALLOONS - 2017 $20 1 oz Fine Silver Coin

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This fine silver coin captures Canada’s balloon festivals,  which will be extra special in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. This coin is an original, must-have keepsake to mark this historic occasion

Rich, vibrant colour, exceptional detail and tilt-shift perspective draw the viewer in. They’ll feel as if they are right there, looking out at the world from their basket high above the ground!


Join the adventure in the sky with this brightly coloured coin that takes you high above the ground to celebrate the many festivals that fill Canada’s skies with breathtaking colour and shapes each year. Big, billowing clouds of vibrant orange, green, purple and blue fill the sky, while a red-and-white balloon flies in tribute to Canada’s rich ballooning tradition. From Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia and the Far North, passengers can experience the ride of their lives as they enjoy Canada’s breathtaking landscapes in this exhilarating way.

Crafted in a pure silver with rich colour with unique elliptical shape these are highly collectible!
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