Fiji 2012 $10 Lutra Predatory Mammals AF 1oz Silver Coin

LUTRA Predatory Mammals Antique Finish 1 oz Silver Coin $10 Fiji 2012

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Antique Finish coin with two black eye-shaped Swarovski Crystal

Extremely Low Mintage limit, only 999!! Antique Finish coin with two black eye-shaped Swarovski Chrystals

Lutra is a genus of otters and the species are semiaquatic mammals, so are well-adapted to both water and land. They prefer shallow, narrow areas of streams surrounded by mature trees and with rocks, especially where weirs reduce the flow of the water, as well as attract fishes. They seem to tolerate roads, residential and agricultural areas, but only moderate human interaction. They clearly avoid areas without vegetation cover and rocks.

The otters' diets consist mainly of fish (hence, the aquatic environment). However, during the winter and in colder environments, fish consumption is significantly lower and the otters use other resources for their food supply. Their diets can consist of amphibians (mainly frogs and pond turtles), bird predation (mainly anserine species), small rodents, and invertebrates such as water beetles, snails and crayfish. They have also feed on plants, specifically grasses. With this large diversity of prey and resources for their diets, otters are considered "opportunistic eaters".

Country             Fiji

Year                 2013

Face Value        10 dollars

Metal                 Silver 999/1000       

Weight               1 Oz 31,1g

Diameter            38,61 mm

Mintage               999 

Quality                Antique Finish 

Certificate COA    Yes 

Presentation Case  No