MOON - LUNAR METEORITE NWA 10546 - NANO CHIP - 2016 1 oz Convex Silver Coin with Real Meteorite - Antique Finish - Burkina Faso

MOON - METEORITE NWA 10546 - NANO CHIP - 2016 1 oz Convex Silver Coin with Real Meteorite - Antique Finish - Burkina Faso

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This beautiful 1 Oz Silver coin is dedicated to the Moon and features a genuine Moon meteorite insert, as well as an incredible liny square shaped Nano Chip that depicts the Moon;  highlighting all the Apollo missions. Each coin comes with a real pieces of Lunar Meteorite NWA 10546 The coin has a beautiful convex relief shape, has an Antique Finish quality and comes packaged in an elegant case.


Lunar Meteorite
A lunar meteorite is a meteorite that is known to have originated on the Moon. A meteorite hitting the Moon is normally classified as a transient lunar phenomenon. In January 1982, John Schutt, leading an expedition in Antarctica for the ANSMET program, found a meteorite that he recognized to be unusual. Shortly thereafter, the meteorite now called Allan Hills 81005 was sent to Washington, DC, where Smithsonian Institution geochemist Brian Mason recognized that the sample was unlike any other known meteorite and resembled some rocks brought back from the Moon by the Apollo program. Several years later, Japanese scientists recognized that they had also collected a lunar meteorite, Yamato 791197, during the 1979 field season in Antarctica. About 134 lunar meteorites have been discovered so far (as of October, 2010), perhaps representing more than 50 separate meteorite falls (i.e., many of the stones are “paired” fragments of the same meteoroid). The total mass is more than 46 kilograms (101 lb). All lunar meteorites have been found in deserts; most have been found in Antarctica, northern Africa, and the Sultanate of Oman. None have yet been found in North America, South America, or Europe. Lunar origin is established by comparing the mineralogy, the chemical composition, and the isotopic composition between meteorites and samples from the Moon collected by Apollo missions.

 Burkina Faso 
Year of Issue
1000 Francs CFA
Mintage (pcs)
Weight (g)
1 oz
Diameter (mm)
38.61 mm
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Package type  Yes
Special Features  
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  • The meteorite pieces make each coin unique !

  •  Premium Antique Finish

  •  Nano Chip

  •  Low Mintage