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MOTHER EARTH Glow-In-The-Dark $20 Silver Proof Coin Canada 2020

US $149.73
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Product Description

This breathtaking silver coin depicts out of the billions of possible worlds in the universe - Earth the only known planet to sustain life as we know it. By presenting a view from orbit, this coin reminds us that everything on our planet is connected: people, plants and animals, the past, present and future. Earth's well-being directly affects our own, and we must cherish and preserve this home for generations to come.

  • OUR PLANET, OUR HOME, OUR FUTURE: This pure silver coin celebrates our little blue planet, the "Mother" of life as we know it!  species.
  • A BLACK LIGHT-ACTIVATED GLOW: Black light-activated technology brings a colourful intensity to the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • BOROSILICATE GLASS: On the coin's reverse, our planet is made of recycled borosilicate glass that gives it a rounded appearance and a glassy sheen, like it is illuminated by the sun.  
  • SPACE VIEW: The reverse design uses the vastness of space and the barren lunar landscape to emphasize our planet's life support systems—the water, land and atmosphere that have allowed life to thrive here.
  • DETAILED LUNARSCAPE: The natural shine of 99.99% pure silver illuminates all the engraved details that re-create the battered and cratered surface of the moon.

 Black light technology brings a colourful intensity to the Milky Way Galaxy.


Country Canada
Denomination 20 Dollars
Year 2020
Quality Proof
Material Silver  999/1000  
Weight (g) 1 oz (31.1)
Diameter 38 mm
Mintage pcs 4000
Certificate (COA) Yes
Presentation case (box) Yes  

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