Austria 2018 Colorful Creatures- The Parrot 3 Euro Glow-in-the-Dark Coin

The Parrot Colorful Creatures- Glow-in-the-Dark Coin 3 EU Austria 2018

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On this amazing 3 Euro coin of the sixth edition a parrot is shown in color. In the 12-part series, parts of the colored motif are printed with fluorescent colors and glow in the dark. There are many parrot species in different colors and sizes in the world. The birds are native to all continents, except in Europe. The parrot came to Europe as a souvenir from the Asian campaign of Alexander the Great.

  • Edition 50,000 copies
  • The parrot glows in the dark!

The Austrian Mint launched the Colorful Creatures series of three-euro glow-in-the-dark collector coins in October 2016 and will release a new coin about every three months until July of 2019. Colorful Creatures is the first series of three-euro coins produced by the Austrian Mint; they are legal tender only in Austria but as collector coins they are not intended for general circulation.

A group of animals is at the center of the obverse; naturally enough, these are the animals featured in the “Colorful Creatures” series. Animals that fly are placed at the top, animals that move about on land are in the middle, and creatures of the sea are on the bottom of the grouping. Starting with the bat and moving clockwise, we get an owl, a pine or fir tree, a crescent moon, a howling wolf, an African savannah tree, an otter, a crayfish, a turtle, a shark, a tiger and a parrot. A kingfisher, a frog and a crocodile form an inner ring, and a small patch of wild grass is at the very heart of the design. Flowers and stars are intermingled among the land animals, while dots and circles representing bubbles are dispersed among the sea creatures.

None are rendered in great detail. Instead, a sort of pointillistic effect is used.

The inscription REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH wraps around the left side of the rim, while a large numeral “3” and the word EURO denote the denomination of the coin along the bottom. The sans serif font appears to be a thicker version of that found on the reverse. Between the two phrases is a paw print.

On the other coin side is a colorful parrot, which luminescence in the dark.

Country Austria
Denomination 3 EURO
Year 2018
Quality Uncirculated
Material Cupro-nickel
Weight (g) 16
Diameter 34 mm
Mintage pcs 50,000
Certificate (COA) No
Presentation case (box) No  

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