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VALKYRIES HILDEGARD VALHALLA series 1 oz. Silver Gold Black finish 2022

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Product Description

Dazzling Coin is introducing Hildegard, the first coin in the new Valkyries series from Germania Mint. 2022 Valkyries: Hildegard 1 oz Silver BU launches a collection of Germanic goddesses – beautiful virgin warriors, daughters of Odin. In mythology, the Valkyries carried souls of the bravest warriors fallen in battle to Valhalla. From now on Germania Mint fans will be accompanied by them on unique silver coins.

  • The coin will be issued in an edition of 999 numbered pieces.
  • The Valhalla edition will feature Multimetal plating and a hologram. Its originality will be confirmed by the accompanying certificate of authenticity.
  • The entire kit will be available with dedicated blisterpack.

On the obverse of the coin Hildegard is depicted as the protector of men. Behind the Valkyrie there is a stronghold, guarded by a high wall of wooden palisade. In her hand Hildegard holds a Germanic spear and a shield with an image of the Fenrir wolf. On the goddess’ armor the rune Algiz is engraved – its function is to protect and give a sense of security, openness and support. Hildegard is accompanied by a wolf, which can also be seen in the background of the coin – on a rock, howling to the moon. We encourage you to look for other hidden details on the coin related to Germanic mythology.

The reverse presents a completely new design, combining both the signature Germania Mint double-headed eagle, as well as new Germanic runes and a howling wolf. The animal motif, symbolizing strength and independence, is not accidental – in exchange for food, wolves defended the settlements and its inhabitants. The entire design of the reverse is composed as a shield, which also contains the issue year, metal alloy and the 5 mark denomination.

“Valkyries series” 
 Year 2022
Quality BU 
Material Silver 9999/1000
Weight (g) 1 oz
Diameter 38.61 mm
Mintage pcs 999
Certificate  Yes
Scope of delivery Comes in a Blisterpack

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