VLAD THE IMPALER Dracula 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Coin Niue 2020

VLAD THE IMPALER Dracula 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Coin Niue 2020

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This IMPRESSIVE coin  features Vlad III Dracula/Vlad Tepes, better known as The Impaler, was a Wallachian prince and a ruthless leader, whose cruel methods of punishing his enemies gained notoriety in the 15th-Century Europe.The collectible coin will come together with the Certificate of Authenticity made with clear acrylic card with dripping blood silhouette that places over the coin to further reiterate the fearsome ruler

  • 2 oz fine silver coin 
  • Antique finish with Ultra High Relief
  • Special box included
  • Extremely Limited mintage 500 pcs. !

The 2 oz fine-silver coin is struck in a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Plus”, that combines 11.5 oz of copper in between two layers of fine-silver resulting in super ultra-high relief while being topped off with silver antique finishing. The technique allows the coin to have an incredible weight and feel in the hand together with its 80mm diameter size. The collectible highlights the ruler in a scene of horror as he is shown enjoying a feast of dinner while the impaled enemies and victims with their corpses looming in the background, signifying the bloody and gruesomeness of the ruler and the atrocities of the method he used for instilling fear, torturing and killing his enemies.

Vlad employed extremely cruel measures to inspire fear in those who opposed him and that’s where he earned his nickname famously by impaling his enemies on stakes, which does not kill immediately and is slow and painful. There were also stories told about Vlad drinking the blood of his enemies, where this later greatly inspired Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel and its main character, Count Dracula, the vampire. As gruesome and terrifying as his methods were, Vlad is hailed as a hero, and credited for having kept the relentless Ottoman advance into Europe at bay in the 15th century.

Country Niue
Denomination 5 Dollars
Year 2020
Quality Antique with Ultra High Relief
Material Silver  999/1000   Cu 999/1000 
Weight (g) 2 oz Ag 11.5 oz Cu
Diameter 80 mm
Mintage pcs 500
Certificate (COA) Yes
Presentation case (box) Yes

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