WARRIORS OF HISTORY - VIKINGS - 2016 1 oz Silver Coin - Niue

WARRIORS OF HISTORY - VIKINGS - 2016 1 oz Silver Coin - Niue

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This coin is part of  new series WARRIORS OF HISTORY

The Warriors of History - Vikings 1 oz Silver Coin begins this exciting new coin collection by New Zealand Mint.

This coin collection brings alive the stories of some of the most legendary warriors in history.

Dazzling Coins is pleased to introduce the second coin in this exciting collection, the Warriors of History – Vikings 1 oz Silver Coin. .This stunning coin reverse shows a colored illustration of a Viking warrior in full battle-gear. He stands against an engraved coastal background showing two long-ships and Viking warriors ready for battle.

This high impact, colorful and partly-engraved coin comes presented in a sleek and stylish themed rectangular coin case, with textured cover. The uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity sits inside the coin case.

With a limited mintage of 5,000 coins, With a mintage of only 5,000 coins, this Warriors of History – Vikings 1 oz Silver Coin would make an excellent gift for coin collectors and those interested in history. Get yours now.

Coin Story

Human history is filled with stories of legendary warrior people, who fought and conquered their enemies through the skillful use of weapons and their superior battle tactics.

The Vikings were the seafaring people from Scandinavia who lived in the late 8th-11th century. They were known as warriors, traders and global explorers, who discovered the Americas long before Columbus and traded their goods as far as Baghdad.

These fierce pillaging Norsemen, in their silently approaching long-ships, caused terror across northern Europe with their raids of coastal towns and monasteries. Weapons such as the spear, sword and battle-ax were used in these attacks, aimed at capturing slaves as well as valuable loot.


  • Country:               Niue
  • Face value:          2 Dolla