YEAR of the MOUSE Quadrant - 4 x 1 oz Silver Proof Coin set Tuvalu 2020

YEAR of the MOUSE Quadrant - 4 x 1 oz Silver Proof Coin set Tuvalu 2020

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The Quadrant Mouse set consists of four coins each accounting for one quarter of a circle. When arranged together the coins form a shape reminiscent of the first currency of the Chinese empire. These ‘ban liang’ coins were first cast during the Qin Dynasty around 200BCE. The top coin’s reverse portrays a mouse climbing a branch with a plum tree bearing flowers in the background. Also included is a butterfly and falling petals.

  • Proof quality 99.99% pure silver
  • Four fan-shaped coins form a panoramic design
  • Inspired by historical Chinese currency
  • Limited mintage – 1,500

The reverse of the coin to the right depicts two mice at the foot of the branch among grass, pebbles and half a pomegranate. One mouse is in the midst of climbing the branch.

The reverse of the coin to the left features a mouse in front of a vine which bears a hanging bunch of grapes. Pumpkin leaves and vines are also incorporated with half a pumpkin visible in the foreground.

“Year of the MOUSE" 
Country Tuvalu
Denomination 4 x 1 Dollars
Year 2020
Quality Proof
Material Silver  9999/1000  
Weight (g) 4 x 1 oz  (4 x 31.1)
Diameter       54.20 x 33.50 mm
Mintage pcs 1500
Certificate (COA) Yes 
Presentation case (box) Yes

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