BALD EAGLE High Relief Animals 1 Oz Silver Coin 5$ Cook Islands

BALD EAGLE High Relief Animals 1 Oz Silver Coin 5$ Cook Islands 2018

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This beautiful 1 Oz Silver coin is the fourth release in the “High Relief Animals” series and features an incredibly fast flying predator - the Bald Eagle. The coin features the Smartminting technology, has an incredible design, has an Antique Finish quality and comes in a case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to 999 pieces worldwide.

button-blank-200.jpg“High Relief Animals”

button-blank-200.jpgBald Eagle
The bald eagle is a bird of prey found in North America. A sea eagle, it has two known subspecies and forms a species pair with the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla). Its range includes most of Canada and Alaska, all of the contiguous United States, and northern Mexico. It is found near large bodies of open water with an abundant food supply and old-growth trees for nesting. The bald eagle is an opportunistic feeder which subsists mainly on fish, which it swoops down and snatches from the water with its talons. It builds the largest nest of any North American bird and the largest tree nests ever recorded for any animal species, up to 4 m (13 ft) deep, 2.5 m (8.2 ft) wide, and 1 metric ton (1.1 short tons) in weight. Sexual maturity is attained at the age of four to five years. Bald eagles are not actually bald; the name derives from an older meaning of the word, “white headed”. The adult is mainly brown with a white head and tail. The sexes are identical in plumage, but females are about 25 percent larger than males. The beak is large and hooked. The plumage of the immature is brown.


The coin’s reverse features an incredible and detailed High Relief image of a Bald Eagle with its wings spread open. On the top of the reverse, the inscription: “BALD EAGLE” – the name of the coin. On the bottom, the inscription: “2018” – the year of issue. The obverse of the coin depicts the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the inscriptions: “ELIZABETH II” – the name of the Queen, “COOK ISLANDS” – the issuing country and “5 DOLLARS” – the face value.
Country Cook Islands
Denomination 5 Dollars
Year 2018
Quality Antique Finish