About Us

 Dazzling Coins Store  introduce numismatics and the coin collecting hobby.

The Coins are fascinating part of our history, past, present and future
Our Customer and our Company share same passion for collecting and discovering the precious art in the coins from all over the world.
We do provide personalized  service and a custom search for specific items at our customer request. 
Even though coins are made of metal, and metal is very tough, coins can still be damaged from some harsh environmental factors. We do understand what these factors are and how they affect coins; we select a place to safely store our collection where it will not get damaged. Your coins are individually inspected for a proper placement in the case,  a damage and  included Certificate if issued by the Mint.
Dazzling Coins Company is dedicated to deliver customers with coins of great quality and craftsmanship.
It is our priority to have satisfied customers.

 Dazzling Coins Company is an Official Distributor for these Mint and many more:


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