Loyalty Points

Take advantage of Dazzling Coins Loyalty Points by signing up today!


 We reward every registered customer with Loyalty Points to the value of each purchase made. You will need to register your details with Dazzling Point during checkout of your next purchase in order to begin accumulating your points.

Dazzling Points are the equivalent to 1 point for every $1 spent (unless otherwise stated). You will need a minimum of 1000 points in your account before you can begin to redeem them.

You can collect as many Loyalty Points as you wish before redeeming them, as they will not expire. Your points will not become available to redeem until your order has been confirmed and dispatched.

Each time you make a purchase from Dazzling Coins, we'll let you know during checkout how many Loyalty Points you have available to spend, you can either choose to redeem them or to continue saving.

Please note, Dazzling Points do not have a redeemable cash value. 

Instruction for redeeming your points:
1. Click on "Earn Dazzling Coins rewards" (pop up in the bottom corner)
2 Log in in your account .
3. Click on "Redeem points for Discount"  ( you can choose one or both of the options)
To speed up process for the codes are
Dazzl$10   =  1000 points
Dazzl$20 =  2000 points
Dazzl$30   =  3000 points
Thank you for your business and loyalty.