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ROBOTS LOVE V1 Next Evolution 3 oz Silver Coin Tokelau 2021

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Product Description

This stunning Silver coin is depicting a pair of robots warmly embracing, it’s a wonderful piece of numismatic art, choosing to eschew intricacy for a more organic look, much like the modern aesthetic for robots. Ironically, this is one of the least likely looks for future robots given humans apparent hatred for anything that looks too similar in appearance to ourselves, but it’s how we like to imagine them regardless, going right back to Fritz Lang’s iconic ‘Metropolis’ from 1927. Whatever the reality is, it looks stunning on the coin. The Pinnacle Relief ultra-high relief strike (a custom Artisan process) reaches out to some 6.5 mm, a very impressive amount, which imparts a superb sense of dimensionality to the look of it.

  • 1st coin from the series THE NEXT EVOLUTION
  • 1st Place Winner "Unique concept" 2022
  • 99.9% Silver 3 oz; Diameter 50mm
  • 24K Gold plated (V1 coin)
  •  Extremely high demand coins
  •  Augmented Reality feature on mobile devices - coin comes to life with sound and movement (example in the video)
  •  Pinnacle Relief © 6.5mm
  •  Obsidian Black Proof & Reverse Proof (glossy and matte)
  •  Price Grow Coins! ©
  •  Low mintage 399  

Artisan Mint have also invested time and money into a smartphone-enabled Augmented Reality app. This shows the coins coming to life and there’s more in the video to describe it – much easier visually than with words, we find.

“Next Evolution”
Country Tokalau
Denomination 20 Dollar
Year 2021
Quality Proof
Material Silver 9999/1000
Weight (g) 3 oz (93.3 g)
Diameter 50 mm 
Mintage pcs 399
Certificate (COA) Yes
Presentation case (box) Yes

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