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GERMANIA 2 oz. Silver Coin 10 Mark 2022

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Product Description

We are proud to present the heroine of our flagship series, Germania 2022, after a long and adventurous sea voyage has reached land. She does not yet know what will happen to her here, but her heart is not troubled. Despite many unknowns, she is ready to face new challenges. We invite you to accompany the heroine of Germania Mint on her next conquest of the world of collectibles. 

  • Contains 2 oz of 999.9 fine silver
  • Rounds will be in BU condition 
  • Mintage only 2500 pcs.

Obverse: Germania, clad in armor and a dress moved by the sea breeze, steps on the mainland with her characteristic volatility and self-confidence. She is the first to explore the unknown lands to which she has brought her faithful people. Traditionally, Germania holds in her hands the shield and the imperial sword Reichsschwert, wearing a laurel wreath on her head. Her faithful companion, the double-headed eagle, warns of the danger lurking nearby.

Reverse: 2022 coin is traditionally an image of the Germania Mint coat of arms with a two-headed eagle holding lightning bolts and surrounded by olive branches. The eagle originates from Germanic mythology and is associated with Janus – the god of all beginnings, protector of gates and bridges, patron of alliances. The eagle’s heads turned in opposite directions symbolize the past and the future.

“The Germania” 
 Year 2022
Quality BU
Material Silver 9999/1000
Weight (g) 1 oz
Diameter 38.61 mm
Mintage pcs 2500
Certificate  Yes 
Scope of delivery Blister

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