SERPENT of MILAN 1 oz Silver Coin Samoa 2020

SERPENT of MILAN 1 oz Silver Coin Samoa 2020

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This amazing series embodies the history and design of Middle Age Milan. The historic image depicted on the 1 oz Silver is the emblem of the illustrious Visconti of Milan, one of Italy's most powerful families. The Visconti coat of arms features the 'Biscione' serpent swallowing a child. This symbol can be found today in select Milanese locations, and is also featured within the logo of Italian automobile maker Alfa Romeo.

  • 1 oz fine silver coin 
  • A design of Middle Age Milan
  • Mint-Sealed in Capsule


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The biscione, also less commonly known as "the vipera", is a heraldic charge showing on argent an azure serpent in the act of consuming a human. It is widely considered a symbol of the city of Milan. The word "biscione" is a masculine augmentative of Italian feminine "biscia", "grass snake".

Country Samoa
Denomination 2 Tala
Year 2020
Quality BU
Material Silver  999/1000  
Weight (g) 1 oz 
Diameter 39 mm
Mintage pcs 15000
Certificate (COA) No
Presentation case (box) Mint-Sealed in Capsule

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